Joseph Mignone Delaware: Advice For New Property Managers

During his time working for both Mignone Realtor, Inc. and Joseph Mignone Appraisals, Inc., Joseph Mignone Delaware provided property management services to a range of clients in the state of New Jersey. In order to manage a property effectively, you must dedicate yourself to the task, else you may find that your buildings fall into disrepair and tenants become unhappy. The following pointers should be useful to those who are new to the industry.

Get Educated

As a property manager, you will be expected to be able questions about the buildings that you manage, whether they be from tenants or the owners of the property. As such, you need to work on building your knowledge of local real estate, in addition to understanding the various aspects of the buildings that you manage inside and out.


Communication is crucial if you are going to manage properties successfully. You need to stay in touch with the building owners, so that you can quickly answer questions while also providing updates about things that may need their attention. Furthermore, you also need to be a point of contact for tenants if you are to ensure they enjoy their times in the building.

Outline Procedures

Joseph Mignone Delaware points out that there are a lot of tasks that you must complete to manage a property, so it is important that you put procedures in place to manage them. This will allow you to ensure your buildings are well-maintained, while also providing a framework for tenants to follow when they need to raise any issues.


About Joseph Mignone Delaware

Joseph Mignone Delaware, who currently owns and operates three food businesses in Delaware, is actually a New Jersey resident, having been born in Camden. He spent the majority of his childhood in Pennsauken, where he attended school, but has also lived in Maple Shade, Moorestown and Haddonfield. He still lives in New Jersey, but he travels to Delaware when he needs to visit one of his restaurants.
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