Joseph Mignone Delaware – Beginner Mistakes in Basketball

When he was a child, long before he experienced success as a food business owner in Delaware, Joseph Mignone played basketball as part of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). This allowed him to learn an enormous amount about the sport, in addition to helping him to iron out many of the mistakes in his game. The below are amongst the most common blunders that new players tend to make.

Joseph Mignone Delaware

Defending With Arms Only

While the use of your arms is going to prove essential in your defending efforts, especially when you are looking to intercept passes or steal the ball, you need to recognize that your whole body plays a role in creating an effective defense. Your footwork will be important, as will your ability to use your body to shield the ball or make it more difficult to pass.

Attempting Wild Passes

While difficult passes look amazing when they come off, they will often end up getting intercepted. This puts your team on the back-foot and may lead to you conceding points. Instead of going for the spectacular, keep things simple by using short and sharp passes. A good team will be able to pass and move quickly to get down the court.

Dribbling High

Joseph Mignone, who is a food business owner in Delaware, points out that dribbling high results in poor control of the ball and more chances for your opponent to steal and go on the attack. By staying low you maintain control, while also setting yourself up for shooting and passing opportunities.




About Joseph Mignone Delaware

Joseph Mignone Delaware, who currently owns and operates three food businesses in Delaware, is actually a New Jersey resident, having been born in Camden. He spent the majority of his childhood in Pennsauken, where he attended school, but has also lived in Maple Shade, Moorestown and Haddonfield. He still lives in New Jersey, but he travels to Delaware when he needs to visit one of his restaurants.
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